Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lean, Mean, Caffeine Machine

Coffee has become a pretty standard way for Americans to start their morning, as there is a coffee shop on just about every street you pass, and while coffee itself is a great, low calorie drink to start your day, it's generally not just straight coffee that people choose- and the calories and sugar in prepared coffee beverages can be astounding! Personally, I drink my coffee black with just a little bit of no-calorie sweetener because I love the taste of coffee itself, but that's because I buy flavored coffees! Instead of getting your flavor from milk or creamer, try buying flavored coffee beans! They make all sorts of fun flavors- think french vanilla, creme brule, mocha java, etc.- I've tried toasted coconut, chocolate raspberry... you name it, they probably make it! And the best part is you'll save tons of money brewing your own coffee instead of spending money to buy coffee at the coffee shop down the block! Pin It

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