Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hi Lo: Breakfast on the go!

When I think of breakfast cereals, my mind automatically goes to the sugar-y, nutritionally useless cereals I ate as a kid. America, on the whole, has a real problem with breakfast cereals- most are laden with sugar and contain little to no nutritional value, so even a large bowl of most of them won't really fill you up. While I'm no longer a big cereal-for-breakfast person, I know there are many people out there who are, so it's all about finding the right cereals that contain as little sugar and as much fiber and protein as possible (without tasting like cardboard, of course!) If you're having trouble, Tiny Tummy to the rescue!

Hi Lo Cereal is low in carbs, sugar, and calories (90 per 1/2 cup woohoo!), and has a great deal of fiber and protein (you don't even need the milk!) And, it comes in a few fun flavors- Vanilla Almond, Maple Pecan (my fav!), Strawberry, and original. If you're a breakfast on-the-go kind of person, just toss a serving or two in a bag and you're good to go! As usual, this stuff may be slightly difficult to find, though I've seen it at Shoprite and a few local bodegas as well. Worse case scenario? Order online (netrition carries it!)

Feelin' Frisky? Use this stuff in place of granola as a topping for yogurt for some added crunch! Pin It

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