Monday, August 13, 2012

Need a Sweet Drink? SoBe it...

By late afternoon, I am usually craving a sweet drink, but as we all know, Tiny Tummy doesn't drink sugary drinks, and she tries to stay away from those bad, cancer-causing sweeteners. Luckily, BJ's sells a giant pack of one of my new favorite, naturally sweetened beverages, which happens to be full of vitamins and minerals! Our friends over at SoBe have a whole line of fruity-flavored, naturally sweetened "lifewaters" that taste delicious! My personal favs are the Yumberry Pomegranate, Fuji Apple Pear, and Strawberry Dragonfruit, but rumor has it they have a new kiwi and raspberry flavor that I am beyond eager to try! They are all 0 cal and full of vitamins- how could you go wrong? The company also makes a bunch of lifewaters that are not 0 calorie, some of which are even infused with coconut water (all the rage these days!)- all of which I'm sure are good too. If I can find the new SoBe flavors, I will definitely keep you posted on how they are! Pin It

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