Friday, August 10, 2012

The Buzz on Boba

For anyone who lives in New York or California, Bubble Tea and Boba Beads are all the rage- there are even boba bars dedicated specifically to the different varieties of Boba beads. For anyone who doesn't know what these little guys are, Tiny Tummy is here to explain! Bubble Tea actually got its name from the Boba beads that are inside because they give off a "bubble" like appearance, but unlike harmless bubbles, Boba are not a dieters friend. The recent trend in Boba beads, since added to tea, would make you think that they are healthy, especially since the original Boba beads from Taiwan were described as "Tapioca Pearls," but really, they are imitation Boba, and basically straight sugar! The real Boba Beads themselves are made from cassava root, brown sugar, and sweet potatoes, but the toppings served at Boba bars and Yogurt Bars are "popping boba" which contain a sugary liquid that "explode in your mouth." Don't be fooled by their fruity flavors (think strawberry, Lychee, etc.)- They are really just straight sugar, and it has been estimated that each tiny pearl can contain somewhere around 5-14 calories a 'pop' (literally speaking!)

Bottom line, Boba and Bubble Tea= BAD- Stick with regular tea and real fruit toppings on your yogurt! Pin It

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