Friday, July 13, 2012

10 Ways to Use Hot Sauce

If I haven't already made it extremely clear, I may just be in love with hot sauce. It's probably my favorite condiment these days- I use it on just about everything. In my opinion, there isn't much that doesn't go with hot sauce, but I thought I would give a little tribute to my favorite spicy sauce by naming 10 different uses for it- including ways to use it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

1. Kick up your omelette!
Sick of boring egg whites? Try dipping your eggs in hot sauce for an extra burst of flavor- I guarantee you won't be complaining about egg whites being bland and boring with some hot sauce on them!

2. Spicy Eggs Benedict!
Replace the mayo that is generally used in eggs benedict with hotsauce- or, better yet, combine it with some Walden Farms mayo to make a spicy mayo filling for your eggs!

3. Spicy Tuna Wrap!
Again, ditch the mayo and mix some canned tuna with a little hot sauce and mustard (sounds gross, tastes great!)- Or, again, mix it with the Walden Farms mayo for a spicy mayo tuna!

4. Dip those Veggies!
Sick of plain old steamed veggies? You won't be calling them plain with a kick of hot sauce as your dipper! It's great on just about any veggie!

5. Marinate Away!
Marinate your chicken or pork in hot sauce before it hits the grill for an extra burst of flavor- and if you're feelin' frisky, you can even dip in it once it's been grilled also!

6. Kickin' Shrimp!
Who needs fried Kung Pao shrimp when you can BBQ shrimp dipped in hot sauce? Not this tiny tummy!

7. Spicy Stir Fry!
Who says spices are the only way to kick up your stir fry? Add a little hot sauce for some added moisture and flavor!

8. Flavor Your Starch!
Not a fan of the taste of brown rice or quinoa? Think it's too boring on its own? Add a splash of hot sauce for a burst of flavor!

9. Spicy Jelly!
Okay, now this may sound like a weird one, but prepare a meat marinade using fruit preserves (or jelly, jam, etc) and hot sauce- the mix of sweet and spicy is delish!

10. Spicy Hummus!
While hummus is great on its own, if you're craving a little kick, add some hot sauce to any store bought or homemade hummus! You won't be sorry!

Feelin' Frisky? Here's a Bonus Tip, and one I've yet to try! Before coating homemade onion rings in whatever coating you use, add some hot sauce to your batter! Pin It

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