Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Newest Freekeh Nature

Get it? Like freak-of-nature? ... Bad joke. Anyway, about two months ago I came across an article about a Mediterranean grain called Freekeh which packs a ton of fiber and protein and may just be the new quinoa. Personally, I've actually never particularly liked quinoa, but this nutritional powerhouse is said to be low GI, low carb, high protein, high fiber, etc., so naturally, I had to try it. Unfortunately, this stuff is beyond hard to find. I've looked in all of the health food stores I shop in with no luck, but yesterday, low and behold, I was shopping in a tiny Mediterranean marketplace and came across this box!

I literally had to do a double take! Obviously, I bought it, and had to cook with it ASAP, so in addition to our steamed lobsters tonight, we had a side of freekeh.

It's fairly easy to cook- just cover in water and let it simmer away (about 30-45 minutes), though one thing I will say, which I wasn't expecting, is it BLOWS up! I made 2 servings for 3 people and we had almost half of it leftover! I also wasn't expecting it to have the consistency it did, but it was somewhat of a cross between quinoa and oatmeal. I could almost see it being prepared with some cinnamon and honey or maple syrup and fruit for breakfast. I prepared it with some olives, garlic and onions and mushrooms- pretty basic, thinking it would have it's own flavor, but it really didn't. I would definitely suggest adding something to flavor it, as I will do next time.  Pin It

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