Saturday, July 28, 2012

Real Cheese Please

While I really like the fat-free cheese slices, I realize that they are not for everyone. I'm by no means a cheese snob (if anything I don't particularly like most cheeses), but for those of you who are, it can be hard to indulge in cheese while trying to stay healthy, as these calories add up fast! Fortunately, our friends at Sargento came to the rescue! Their new ultra thin slices range from 40-45 calories each and are made from real, full-fat cheese! Say hello to portion control! And personally, it adds just the right amount of cheesy flavor to a sandwich without overpowering it (unless you're going for a grilled cheese that is...) The only downside is each slice has much less protein than the fat free slices do, since they are about 1/3 of the size. They also have more fat (duh!), but if you can afford a little fat then go for it. So far, I've only tried the Colby Jack, but they're all real cheese, so how bad can they be?! They were great on a sandwich, and I'm sure they would be great inside stuffed chicken or melted over vegetables! Pin It

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