Monday, July 30, 2012

Handy Mandy!

Ever since I first used a mandolin, it was love at first slice. Something about thinly sliced veggies is so much more appealing than chunks! But, I must warn you, as handy as our mandolin friends may be, they are very dangerous if not used properly. The blade on those suckers is SHARP! I don't know if it's a curse in my family, but my mother, my father and I have all sliced our finger pretty badly using a mandolin, so I thought I would share some kitchen safety with the blogosphere. You know that piece that comes with the mandolin that secures your food for you while you slice away? Don't ignore it. You WILL cut your hand! I know the chefs make it look incredibly easy to just slice away shamelessly without injuring yourself, but it is way too easy for your hand to slip when slicing- especially if you're cutting something slippery like an onion! So while I LOVE using the mandolin to get my veggies as thinly sliced as possible, it is important to use it properly to avoid slicing your finger along with whatever you're cutting! Pin It

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