Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pick(le) me a Winner!

Since the day I could chew I've been a pickle fanatic. Something about the crunch, the sourness, the burst of flavor... it all works so well together! Anyway, as a frequent pickle popper, the supermarket pickles just don't cut it for me anymore. Ever since I had fresh pickles from a local farmer's market about three years ago, I am no longer satisfied with the limp, salty pickles that are sold in the grocery aisle, and yet I had never tried making my own, until now!

To be honest, I don't know the first thing about pickling, so I figured we would start out easy- baby steps. Confession: I cheated a little, but in the spirit of saving time and money, this is a great tip for anyone who loves fresh pickles as much as me- save your brine! What I did was I went to my local farmer's market, bought a nice pint of Horserashish pickles (seriously, SO good), finished the container (in less than a week, again, not gonna lie), went out and bought some kirby cucumbers, and popped them in the brine with a little extra horseradish (what can I say, I like things SPICY!)

I'm planning on leaving them for about a week to see if anything happens, and I will obviously keep you updated on the results. And hey, why limit yourself to just cucumbers? Any veggie tastes good pickled in my opinion- especially in a horseradish brine!

Have you ever tried making your own pickles before? Do you have a killer brine recipe? Pin It

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