Friday, July 27, 2012

Beat the Buffet

I won't lie. All you can eat restaurants are among my favorite restaurants, and when I choose to over indulge in a meal, chances are, it will be at a buffet. As we know, my eyes are MUCH bigger than my stomach. I could keep eating and eating and eating if I really wanted to, and at a buffet, it's hard to know when to stop! Here are a few tips to help you survive the buffet, should you choose to venture into the wild!

1. Smaller plates are your friends: If you choose a smaller plate, you have less room to load on tons and tons of food. This way, you have less room to pile on the craziness.

2. The five minute rule: Give yourself five minutes in between plates to assess if you are truly still hungry. If after those five minutes, you still really want another plate, then allow yourself. Additionally, assess if you are actually hungry or just want to eat more. If you aren't truly hungry, avoid the temptation!

3. Water is your friend! Try to have a full glass of water with every plate you take. Water will help to make you feel fuller faster, so you are less likely to overindulge.

4. Don't face the buffet: If you're not looking at it, you will be less likely to focus on what to eat next. Instead, choose the seat facing away from the buffet so you have a chance to take in a little more of the atmosphere!

5. DBD GFG: If you feel full before your friends finish, don't keep eating just to keep up. And, if you're the type that is tempted to continue, use one of my old favorite tips: DBD GFG (don't be dumb, go for gum!)- pop a piece of gum in your mouth so you still keep the flavor going!

As a general rule of thumb, everything in moderation. Buffets are bound to have some unhealthy choices, but if you are really craving those french fries, have one or two, but skip the fried chicken then. The beauty of the buffet is you can take as much or as little of anything as you please, so you are the boss. Don't let the food control you! ;)

P.S. Want to know my secret indulgence? All you can eat sushi! I simply can't resist. I'm even going to share a photo of the most recent platter my family and I devoured at our last sushi outing. Hey, every tiny tummy is allowed to indulge once in a while! Pin It

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