Monday, October 22, 2012

Candyland: Halloween Survival Guide

Halloween is every dentist and dieter's worst nightmare. The amount of candy given out and consumed should practically be illegal. If you think about it, kids probably eat about 5 Tablespoons of sugar over the course of the night trick-or-treating. I was recently asked if Halloween candy is really that bad... While, yes, it's a once a year thing, I tend to say we should try to focus more on the fun costumes than the sugary candies. However, Tiny Tummy knows that kids will be kids and Halloween is a day of candy, so for those of you who want to relive your childhood glory and indulge in some candy, some options are better than others. First of all, virtually all the candy kids will grab trick-or-treating is bound to be chocked full of sugar, so to compare the grams of sugar is sort of a waste. Instead, Tiny Tummy is here to give you a few simple tips to avoid overdoing it without feeling deprived.

#1- If you're going trick or treating, chances are, you're going to be around candy, so if you're anything like me, your sweet tooth will be kicking in. If you really don't want to be tempted, pop a piece of fruity gum! It will satisfy the need for something sweet! Or, pop a minty piece: that brushed-teeth feeling may relieve the craving for something sweet.

#2- Go bite sized: If it's chocolate you crave, and you absolutely need to go for the Halloween candy, chances are, you're not going to find a piece of 70% dark chocolate in a trick-or-treat basket, so when choosing between the lesser of the evils, go for a bite sized piece! Instead of the giant Reeses, go for the mini cup, or the mini Snickers, Milky Way, etc.

#3- If you aren't a gum person, but really want something sweet and sugary to last you throughout your time trick or treating, try a lollipop! Those things can last a while if you lick them slowly. You won't feel deprived because you're constantly getting that sugary kick, lick after lick!

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