Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tip Trick

A question I am commonly asked is, what's a healthy amount of butter or oil to use in a pan when cooking something? (Given that you want to get a serving of fat, not just simply spray the pan to keep things from sticking) A bottle of oil lists the serving of a tablespoon, though chances are, especially if you're cooking for one, you really don't need that much. Serving sizes can get a little tricky, so I like to think of things in simple terms that are easy to remember and follow when cooking. When it comes to a serving of fat, I use the "tip trick."

Give yourself a big thumbs up, and use the tip of your thumb to measure your fat portion. If you have large thumbs like this guy^^, you might not even need a full tip's worth ;) This will provide you with a healthy serving of fat and a powerful pack of flavor without overdoing it. This is not to say that if you're having a full rack of ribs for dinner, you should sautee your veggies using a big ole hunk of butter (ribs have WAY more than enough fat), but if you need a healthy serving of fat, this can be your go-to guide! Pin It

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