Sunday, October 28, 2012

Inside The Box: Thin Slim Bagels

If you're skeptical of a bagel that only has 50 calories, you're not alone. Initially, I couldn't imagine actually enjoying a bagel with such awesome stats, and I certainly didn't think it would be a normal size bagel, but Thin Slim to the rescue, as usual! While I only like the cinnamon bagels (I find the whole wheat ones have a seriously wheat-y, cardboard-like taste), I use the cinnamon ones as my go-to bread for everything- grilled cheese, egg sandwiches, lox and cream cheese, etc. (P.S., Tiny Tummy's Cinnamon Cream Cheese is delicious on these bagels!) And since it is a little hard to see what the bagels look like based on the company's photo, I figured I would show you mine (pictured on my classy paper plate ;))

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  1. i LOVE them!!! sooo delicious, low cal and great with PB2