Thursday, October 25, 2012

Loco Hot Cocoa

We all know Tiny Tummy is not a fan of drinking your calories, when it comes to a craving for hot chocolate, it's pretty hard to avoid the temptation. While a packet of Diet Swiss Miss may seem like a friendly fix at only 25 calories per packet, it also contains some of our cancer-causing foes: the nasty acseulfame potassium. And I'll tell you a secret: Tiny Tummy's hot cocoa is just as easy to make, has about the same amount of calories, and has no cancer-causing sweeteners. All you need is Flax Milk (or milk of choice), unsweetened cocoa powder, and stevia. Depending upon how big of a mug of hot cocoa you want to make, the amounts of each will vary. You'll want to use a ratio of about 1 cup of milk to 1T cocoa powder to 2T Stevia. Additionally, if you're feelin' frisky, add about 1/4t of pure vanilla extract to really amp up the flavor. And if you're feelin' really frisky, add a pinch of cayenne for a spicy cocoa oblivion- now that's a loco cup o' cocoa!

To make your piping hot cup o' loco cocoa, heat your milk, stir everything in, and sip away!

P.S.: If you don't have flax milk or want to save some calories, you can easily sub water. Just know your loco cocoa won't be as creamy! Pin It

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