Thursday, October 11, 2012

Japanese Inspired Spelt (or Rice, etc.)

I've always wondered why the brown rice you get at Chinese and Japanese restaurants tastes so good. I'm sure they add something to it other than just water to add flavor during the cooking process, though I still don't know what it is. In making my spelt for my sushi the other day, I decided to experiment and add a little something to my spelt while it was cooking, to give it more of a Japanese/Chinese flair. When I think typical sushi, for some reason my mind goes straight to soy sauce and rice vinegar, so when making this spelt, that's where my mind went. Generally, I don't like to cook with soy sauce since it is so salty, but I use a reduced sodium version (only slightly better), and since I didn't have any rice vinegar, I was feelin' frisky, and decided to use some coconut vinegar instead. I imagine you would have the same results with plum vinegar or rice vinegar, or maybe even apple cider vinegar, or white wine vinegar as well.

To give your spelt an extra burst of flavor, all you need to do is prepare it as usual, but add about 1T of soy sauce and 1T vinegar (choose one of the ones listed above) to the water you normally use to cook it, (in addition to any spices you normally use), and cook away! I'm not sure it's exactly the same as the rice you get from the restaurants, but it definitely adds a pop of flavor! Pin It

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