Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mock Maki (Homemade Sushi Roll)

Call me crazy, but when I eat Sashimi, the one part I really miss out on in comparison to his cousin the maki roll is not the rice but the seaweed! I actually really love this leafy, salty, crunchy component of traditional rolls! In grabbing a sashimi platter for dinner, I decided that I actually really wanted that maki feel for dinner, but considering I didn't want to go for all of that rice, I decided to get creative and grabbed a pack of seaweed sheets, (Sea Snax will do as well) and vowed to make my own mock maki!

You will need:

6oz of Sashimi grade fish (my platter was an assortment of tuna and salmon, but pick your fav)
1 pack seaweed sheets (or Sea Snax)
1/4 cup spelt prepared (or brown rice or omit entirely)

Optional: chopped scallions, Tiny Tummy's Spicy Mayo, julienned cucumber, avocado, wasabi, etc.

To make the mock maki (try saying that 5 times fast!), simply lay out the sheets of seaweed with a layer or spelt followed by the sashimi, followed by any of your optional add-ins, and roll away! If using sea snax, eat them open faced! I promise, it's the same effect! The best part of these mock maki rolls is you have complete control of the fish to rice ratio that is often not ideal when it comes to traditional sushi rolls! Yay creative bursts of genius!

P.S. the pictured photo is a mini maki using a sea snax sheet for any of you disbelievers who didn't think it was possible! Pin It

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