Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flavor me Fancy

While we all know I generally support the whole "don't drink your calories" party, the few exceptions I make are basically limited to tea and coffee (which have minimal calories!), but I know some people still associate tea with those bland tea bags, and think of plain coffee (I'm not talking a Starbucks Frapp here!) to a boring, strong, bitter kick of caffeine. For starters, for anyone who has never brewed their own coffee, I highly recommend it. Your tummy and your wallet will thank you. Your wallet because any price they could possibly charge you at your local deli, coffee shop, etc. is bound to be more expensive than if you make your own at home. More importantly, if you brew your own coffee, you get to choose how strong or weak you make it, and better yet, you can brew a flavored coffee!

Flavored coffee beans seriously gave me a whole new appreciation for coffee, though there are so many out there, both flavors and brands, that it's hard to decide which ones to buy. The nice thing is, it eliminated the need for any added creamer or sugar since the coffee is already flavored! I will say, I've experimented with a ton of different flavored coffee manufacturers thanks to HomeGoods which sells these artisan coffees for like $5 a bag (which is remarkably cheaper than anywhere else). So I figured for anyone interested, I would list a few of my favorite flavored coffee makers!

To begin, I took a look at what was currently in my cabinet, so those few bags are listed above, though I will provide a few different companies that I like, links to their sites so you can check it out and look for retailers around you (or ways to order online), and the flavors I would recommend!

1. Green Mountain: Most known these days for their K-cups, I actually like their bagged coffee! While it isn't flavored, their Sumatran reserve blend is really stellar. Also, their french vanilla and hazelnut are both delish!

2. Paramount Coffee: Okay, Paramount is probably one of my favorite companies for flavored coffees! They have a bunch of different lines of coffee (I honestly don't know why they break it up, but I haven't had one of their coffees yet that I haven't liked). I especially like their "Joe" Coffee: Joe's got Hazel, Joy "French Diva-Nilla" and "She's Nuts"(which is coconut flavored!), their "Fall in Love" Caramel Nut Delight and Vanilla Cream, as well as just about any of their flavored blends that don't fall in a special line. (They have everything from Coffee Cake to Fudge Brownie! And added bonus: many of their flavors come in decaf!

3. Grande Kaffee: These guys also have a bunch of super unique flavors (think chocolate peanut butter cup and black forest cake). I have only tried a few of these, and my recommendation with these guys is to brew them on the weaker side in order to taste the subtle flavor. They are strong coffees with a subtle flavor, so for those of you who don't want to be smacked in the face with the flavor of your coffee, this may be your best bet! My fav by these guys is the Hawaiian Macadamia nut FYI

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