Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Secret to an Overflowing Bowl of Oatmeal

Happy National Oatmeal Day! Oatmeal is a great quick and easy breakfast that packs a lot of fiber to keep you full all morning long, but a single portion of oatmeal may seem a little, well, tiny. But, guess what! Tiny Tummy has a tip to make your oatmeal twice as big without adding a single calorie. What's my trick? Double the water! You may be thinking gross, who wants watery oatmeal?! Well Tiny Tummy doesn't want it either! The trick is to cook the oatmeal for twice as long, stirring halfway through, and then let it sit for a while so the oats really absorb the liquid. (I've even left it in the fridge overnight, and then just given it a quick reheat in the morning!) The result is a GIANT bowl of oatmeal that's thick and delicious! Feel free to flavor it up with some cinnamon or Walden Farms syrup, and add some chia seeds for a little crunch! Yummy! Pin It

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