Saturday, October 13, 2012

OMG: Quick tip to add instant flavor to a grain dish

When it comes to preparing a good majority of my grain dishes, you can bet I am not just tossing a serving of grain into some water and letting it cook. Tiny Tummy is all about big flavors! While you could go all out with a pinch of paprika here, and a snip of saffron there, flavoring your grain doesn't have to be a complex process. Instead, just remember OMG. No, I'm not praying to the higher powers to make my grain less boring. I'm actually referring to my three fav staple ingredients: onions, mushrooms, and garlic!

The nice thing is, all three of these gems add a powerful punch of flavor for minimal calories. And, they come in a variety of different forms, all of which can be used in grain dishes. Think about it: adding just a pinch of onion powder or garlic powder or dehydrated onion flakes or garlic flakes makes a serious difference in the flavor of cooked rice. At the same time, adding a few tablespoons of sauteed onions and mushrooms can amp up some spelt, or adding even a single clove of roasted garlic makes a world of difference. Onions can be used in their raw form, sauteed, onion powder, dehydrated onion flakes, etc. Garlic can be used as raw cloves, roasted cloves, garlic powder, dehydrated garlic flakes, dried garlic slices, etc. And mushrooms can be used raw, cooked, dried, though I've never seen them in powdered form (that'd be a little weird, I guess!) Regardless, to amp up any grain dish, just turn to our friends OMG! Pin It

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