Sunday, October 14, 2012

Compare and Share: Soy Chips

I've already made it pretty clear that I'm a big fan of Soy Crisps when it comes to a healthier chip/ crunchy snack, but with all of the different companies jumping on board the soy chip train, it may be hard to decide which brand to buy. While they all seem to have about the same stats (somewhere around 120-130 calories per ounce, 7-8g of protein, and 2-3g of fiber), some of the flavors actually taste different from company to company, and while some produce a lighter, fluffier chip, others are thinner and crunchier. Call me crazy, but I sense a difference! For any of you soy chip addicts out there, I thought I'd give the lowdown on Tiny Tummy's top picks for soy chips!

#1 365 Soy Chips (Whole Foods Brand)

These soy chips seem to be the fluffiest, and definitely have the most flavor. I am a huge fan of the Cheddar, BBQ, and Ranch flavors, though I've yet to try the sea salt.

#2 Glenny's

These are not quite as fluffy as the Whole Foods soy chips, though the flavors are just as bold. They also make a few flavors that 365 doesn't, such as the Apple Cinnamon (yum!) and the Caramel (if you're lucky enough to find this; it may have been discontinued).

#3 Genisoy

Genisoy also makes a fluffier soy chip, though I find their flavors are a bit muted in comparison to Glenny's and 365. They do; however, offer a few flavors that the other companies don't, such as Garlic and Onion and Salt and Vinegar. I've only tried the BBQ and Ranch varieties, so I can't say "yay" or "nay."

#4 Nature's Promise (Stop and Shop Brand)

If you have a Stop and Shop in your area, their store brand makes a soy chip fairly comparable in texture to the Genisoy soy crisps. The flavor profile isn't too bad, but they only make the generic flavors as far as I've seen. These are the cheapest crisps I've seen though!

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