Friday, January 11, 2013

A Cake-Sized Disappointment

For months, I have been on the hunt for this cheesecake sugar-free pudding mix. I mean, the thought of cheesecake and pudding in one container seemed like heaven and they make a sugar-free version! Unfortunately, to my dismay, it was disgusting!

The flavor of the mixture almost tasted like uncooked batter- and not in that yummy cookie dough type way, but more like uncooked pancake batter- GROSS! I was hoping to be able to bake with it because Tiny Tummy loves cheesecake, but I just don't see the powder adding anything valuable to a baked good. In the future, I'll be sticking to the chocolate, vanilla, and maybe butterscotch pudding mixes. Have you tried anything new lately worth sharing? Tiny Tummy loves to hear from you!
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