Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beware The Hidden Candy Bar

A friend recently told me that they wanted to buy some protein bars to eat as an after-the-gym snack. In retrospect, that sounds like a great idea: a healthy mix of protein and carbs to recover from a big workout without counteracting your work, right? Not necessarily. It all depends on the bar you choose. We all know Tiny Tummy loves Quest Bars, but that's about where the love ends. When my friend told me the bars that made it into their grocery basket, I was a little alarmed. I asked if they usually eat a candy bar after they workout, and they laughed, but truth be told, many "protein bars" or granola bars are really just candy bars in disguise. Sure, they may have some protein in them, but I bet they have a lot more sugar than they do protein. Cliff, Luna, Special K, Nature Valley, Quaker, among others are all brands that I would avoid at all costs due to their excessive amounts of SUGAR. Think of it this way, you just worked out. Is it really worth sabotaging all of that work right after you get back by eating a candy bar? You might as well just reach for the Kit Kat or 3 Musketeers... (Yes, that was sarcasm. Don't do that either!!) My point is, be wary of the granola/protein bar. Read your labels, and if it looks more like a candy bar than a nutritious meal, steer clear. Fast. Pin It

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