Friday, January 25, 2013

Herb, Meat Turkey; Turkey, Meet Herb!

I'll admit it. I'm a convert. I had once said I'm not a huge deli-meat fan, but lately, I've been all about the meat! A few days ago, in a trip to buy my new fav turkey salami by Applegate Farms, I came across this herb turkey breast, and, since they didn't have any more turkey salami (I know, the horror!!), I decided to give it a try. For all of you herb lovers, you have to try this stuff. It's got all the herby flavor packed into each slice of turkey. It's great with laughing cow spread on it, or mustard, or even some hummus. Or, if you're the sammy type, amp up your usual turkey sandwich without any additional calories. These slices have all the flavor built in! In your next hankering for deli meat, give this a try! At 25 calories per ounce, you can't beat it!
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1 comment:

  1. ahh! this is amazing!
    im on a diet so i really am trying to watch out what I eat. Saw your blog on the NYU bloggers page. ;)
    Good post.