Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Perfect Grilled Cheese

The art of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich (yes, it deserves to be capitalized) is an technique that requires mastery. While, yes, you can simply throw a slice or two of cheese on some bread and pop it in the microwave or toaster oven til it melts and just eat it, there's something about that perfect grilled cheese that is all the more rewarding. I think back to my diner days growing up- I almost always ordered a grilled cheese when I was little (with a side of honey mustard to dip, and a pickle, of course!). Now, while diner grilled cheeses are most likely doused in butter and full of fattening cheese, a healthy homemade grilled cheese can be just as satisfying if it is prepared properly, but technique is key. You can't just simply microwave it, because then the bread is soggy. And you can't just throw it into the toaster oven, because then the cheese doesn't melt evenly throughout.

The key to the perfect grilled cheese is as follows:

Assemble your cheese on your bread (make sure you have at least a slice of cheese on each slice of bread) and pop it in the microwave open-faced for approximately 30 seconds, or until the cheese has melted. Then, since the bread will be soggy, spray a pan on the stove top (or if you're feeling indulgent, melt a little butter) and add the two slices of bread, keeping it open face, to allow the bread to crisp up. Now, here's the key, cover the pan with the top of a pot to seal in all of the heat! Once the bread has crisped up on both sides, put the two slices of bread together, allow the cheese to stick together and slice, dip (if you please), and crunch away.

Feelin' Frisky? Tiny Tummy loves adding sliced tomato to her grilled cheese, and some people prefer bacon. For a healthier take on the classic bacon, try using turkey pepperoni slices- it gives a similar flavor, and it's the cheese you really want to taste anyway, right?! Pin It

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