Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hostess with the Mostess

Typically, when you think of girls night, you think of gossip, laughing, and chips, chocolate, and all of the unhealthy snacks you could imagine. When Tiny Tummy hosts girls night, there's a lot of the first two, but there's no need to ruin a fun night with unhealthy munchies. Especially since my girls and I can EAT! So, knowing we would be munching away the whole night, I decided to try to throw some healthy snacks in along with the chips and popcorn (which I still found lighter versions of, of course.) I thought I'd use this opportunity to share another simple tip. When hosting a party, find the happy medium between you and your guests. If you know you can't resist the Oreos, but your guests love cookies, bake your own healthier version and serve those (and place them at the opposite end of the room/table just in case ;)). And, doing mostly healthy snacks and throwing in a few indulgent things is another great way to accomodate yourself and those who prefer the more indulgent snacks. For my girls night, I hit up my local Trader Joe's and went veggie crazy and made a nice platter with some hummus (as well as a side platter with a homemade onion dip, but that's a recipe for another day!). You can never go wrong with some old fashioned crudite!

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