Monday, January 21, 2013

A Presidential Lunch

For anyone who keeps up with politics (or just culture in general, I guess), you know that yesterday was the inauguration. Every year, accompanying the celebration of the president's inauguration, there is a giant, celebratory luncheon with lots of indulgent food. Now, the Obama's are known for being very health conscious, so it would naturally follow that their luncheon menu was on the healthy side, right? In truth, the menu could have been much worse. A friend asked me what I would do in this situation (a little fantasy involved here), so I thought it would be fun to share what I would eat or what I would makeover/replace given the 2013 Inaugural Luncheon Menu (which I've conveniently provided below).
First, let's start with the first course: Steamed lobster?! Hooray! Clam chowder sauce? ... not so much. I'd definitely opt for the lobster tails over sauteed (can I get it steamed?) spinach, and skip the sauce and more than likely fried sweet potatoes.

Moving onto the second course, hickory grilled bison? Great, some protein! And butternut squash puree? That practically screams for my favorite Vitamix recipe of all time! To be honest, that would be more than enough for me, but there's nothing wrong with some beets and green beans, though I'd probably skip the potato cake (since it's most likely fried-- and you already have your starchy veggie with the squash), and if I was feeling indulgent, I would get the wild huckleberry reduction on the side, though I tend to believe bison is flavorful enough that it doesn't even need a sauce. And, lastly, for the strawberry preserves and red cabbage, sounds like an interesting sweet slaw to cleanse the pallet. I might even use this as my dessert... but then I wouldn't be able to discuss the third course!

Lastly, the grand finale- the third course: Apple pie is the all-American dessert, but it is about as far from healthy as you could get. I would probably skip this dessert all together or replace it with an Apple Pie Quest Bar. Though, if you're set on a homemade dessert, how about baking an apple with some fresh cinnamon sprinkled inside? Now there's a healthy take on a traditionally very unhealthy dessert! You can even add a squirt of fat-free whipped cream on top for the full effect!

Feelin' Frisky? If you liked this fantasy "What Would Tiny Tummy Do" post, should I keep it going? Feel free to email me your "What If" scenario, and you just might see your situation in a future post! 

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