Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inside the Box (or Bag!): Al Dente Noodles

Lately, especially with the construction that has been taking place in my house, pasta has become an easy meal to just throw together. Often, it is assumed that pasta is automatically a carb-y, caloric, diet-ruining dish, but it doesn't have to be! While pasta in restaurants often fits this description perfectly, that is because it is most likely a GIGANTIC portion with an unhealthy sauce, but the beauty of making your own pasta is you're in control of how much you make, what goes on it, and of course, what pasta you use!

We all know Al Dente's Garlic Fettuccine is one of my faves, but upon visiting the new Fairway that opened up locally (I'm in love by the way!), I actually came across a bunch of other varieties of Al Dente's pasta and decided to try it out. Pictured below are the lemon pepper fettuccine and the spicy sesame linguine (not low carb, but Daddy Tiny Tummy has to eat too, and carb-conscious he is not!). Both are pictured prior to being cooked, though they don't puff up like some pastas do, so their appearance doesn't really change.

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