Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Skinny on Skinny

So for anyone who keeps themselves completely removed from the media (and most likely lives in a box), Lady Gaga has recently gained some weight which has gained a LOT of attention in the media- mostly negative, but the truth is, she is actually still a healthy weight for her body size! This brings me a point I found worthy of dedicating an entire blog post to (which is a pretty big deal since there is no recipe or product etc.!), but here goes- Just because it seems like every celeb showcased in the media is a stick, doesn't mean they are healthy. Our goals should not reflect a desire to look like these fake bodies. Instead, set realistic goals to look, feel, and be healthy! Lady Gaga should be an example for the other celebs out there- she may have gained weight, but she is still healthy- she eats healthy, has a good amount of muscle on her, and isn't ashamed of having a little extra cushion! Good for you, Gaga!

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