Monday, September 3, 2012

Jelly in my Belly

Generally, when I think of jelly, my mind goes straight to sugar-y spread with no nutritional value. While a lot of store-bought jellies are laden with added sugars and preservatives, some are definitely better options than others. For starters, opt for the sugar-free varieties. I'm a huge fan of Polaner's sugar free preserves with fiber- it gives you the sugar-y feeling without the actual sugar, and at least there's a little fiber in them. And at only 10 calories per tablespoon, you really can't go wrong. My only complaint is that since they are sugar-free, they have Splenda in them, and we all know Tiny Tummy much prefers Stevia. Oh well, as far as store-bought jelly is concerned, this is still your best bet (though if you make your own, my hat goes off to you!) Pin It

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