Monday, September 24, 2012

To Bun or Not to Bun (Burger Joint Survival Guide)

If you find yourself at a burger joint, and it's almost inevitable that you will be treating yourself to a burger, it doesn't have to be a complete disaster for your waistline. While, yes, the patty itself is more than likely filled with unnecessary fat and calories, there are three simple tips to lighten up any burger.

1. No fun in the bun: This brings us to our post title- to bun or not to bun! That is the question. At a burger joint, if you skip the bun, you're probably cutting at least 1/3 of the calories (which are more than likely empty carb calories unless they have some impressive whole grain bun). For me, there's no fun in the bun. Ask if they can wrap it in lettuce- lots of burger joints have embraced the lettuce wrap! If they say no, just skip it altogether!

2. Toss the Sauce: Some burgers now contain fatty, mayo-based sauces, and let's be honest- a good burger shouldn't need it! A juicy burger has enough "sauce" on its own, so say no to that ooey gooey fatty sauce (or if you have to have it, get it on the side and spread a teeny bit on to get the flavor!)

3. Sharing is Caring: This rule is tried and true. If you're ordering a burger at most burger joints these days, it contains twice the amount of beef that a serving would allow for, so share it! Not only will your tiny tummy thank you, but so will your wallet! If you eat it slowly and really enjoy every bite, you won't even miss the other half! Pin It

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