Friday, September 7, 2012

Breakfast Bonanza

Happy All-American Breakfast Month! In honor of the national month-long holiday supporting the supposed most important meal of the day (in my opinion, every meal is important!), I've decided to give you Tiny Tummy's Top five breakfast combos- all of which are go-to meals for me. And hey, if you're feelin' frisky, you can even make one of these meals for lunch or dinner- I won't tell!

P.S.- All of these breakfast are under 250 calories!
P.P.S.- A lot of these products have already been touted on my blog (all of which I've linked to the post for easy access), so here are just some creative ways to make a meal out of them!

1. Carb Krunchers Onion Roll+ Lox+Tiny Tummy's Scallion Cream Cheese+Tomato

Simply microwave your onion roll to thaw it, toast if desired, spread on some scallion and chive cream cheese (recipe is linked above), add some sliced tomato and lox, and you're good to go! And in case you were wondering, I'm a huge fan of Trader Joe's sliced nova, though any lox will do!

2. Fiber One English Muffin (or toast of your choice) +Egg (sunny-side up, scrambled, or poached with spices)+Slice of cheese+optional: onions and mushrooms
(It's all in the photos!)
A great, grab-and-go breakfast if you keep these stocked in the house. May require some pre-ordering though!

4. Fiber One Cottage Cheese+Fresh Berries (or Polaner's Sugar Free fruit preserves with added fiber if you don't keep fresh fruit on hand)+ Chia seeds
Never heard of Chia seeds? Check out this post
5. ThinSlim Cinnamon Bagel+ Tiny Tummy's Cinnamon Cream Cheese OR Homemade Peanut Butter (This recipe is soon to come!) +Polaner's sugarfree frui preserves 
Since the bagel is only 50 calories you can afford to load it up with a little peanut butter, just watch your portion size- stick to about 1T!

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  1. ThinSlim muffins rock!! So do their squares & brownies.