Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let there be Lentils

Growing up, my dad made the best lentil soup, and while I'm not much of a soup person anymore, I still love me some lentils (a fav at Indian restaurants too!) I bring this up because the other day, on a whim, I decided to buy a bag of lentils to eat as a side dish instead of my usual spelt or freekeh, and let me be the first to say, success! Who knew lentils cook in like 10 minutes?! It couldn't be easier- you could even make a larger portion and eat that as a main meal- they pack an IMPRESSIVE amount of fiber and protein, and are actually an impressive calorie bargain!

Anyway, for my first attempt with lentils, I kept things pretty basic.
All you need is:
1/4 cup brown lentils
some sauteed onions and mushrooms, dehydrated onion and garlic flakes, onion powder, garlic powder, etc.

To prepare, toss your lentils in a pot with the spices and  enough water to cover them. Allow them to simmer for about 10 minutes until the water cooks out. In the last few minutes, toss in the onions and mushrooms so they warm up (alternatively you could add them at the beginning to flavor the lentils)

That's all I did. Next time, I might try making an Indian lentil dish, though those usually use red or yellow lentils (dal), not brown lentils, but hey, if I'm feelin' frisky, I might still go ahead and throw some turmeric or curry powder in there! Why not, right?!

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