Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Taco Tuesday: Open-Faced Quesadillas

I just want to start out by apologizing for the poor quality of this photo. It was taken after a night spent locked out of my apartment after my workout, so needless to say, by the time I got to making dinner, I was STARVING. Fortunately, I was able to throw together these open-faced quesadillas in about 10 minutes, and they are made entirely from my refrigerator staples. Yay, saving money!

Open-Faced Quesadillas can be made from any combination of the following ingredients. Other than the tortillas (I mean, you need tortillas for quesadillas, right?!), the toppings I've listed are completely optional and meant to be suggestions, so feel free to mix and match and add your own!

2 High Fiber Tortillas (Big fan of La Tortilla Factory's tortillas)
Sliced or shredded cheese (Cheddar, Mexican Blend, Swiss, American, Mozzarella... the list goes on)
Boca or Morningstar Farms Meatless Crumbles
Chopped Tomato
Shredded Lettuce (I only had spinach on hand)
Diced Jalapenos or Banana Peppers
Black Bean Dip (We all know I love Oasis's Black Bean Dip

Other awesome ideas that aren't pictured
Shredded or chopped chicken or beef
Black Beans
Guacamole or just plain ole' avocado
Sour Cream
Sauteed Onions and Mushrooms
Laughing Cow Cheese wedge
Hot Sauce for an added kick (You know I'm usually all over that, but I bought spicy salsa, so no need!)

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