Friday, September 21, 2012

Shocking Faker Alert!

A very sad day for this Tiny Tummy! While I had read a few rumors in the past that our friends (turned enemies!) at Arctic Zero might be fudging their calorie counts slightly, but current research shows it is quite a bit more than a slight exaggeration! They boast 150 calories per pint of froyo, and it turns out that number may actually be up to 46% higher! Um, at that point, why don't I go for some of Ben and Jerry's new Cannoli ice cream?! (okay, maybe not that bad, but still!) The company is currently being sued for their false advertisement! Hopefully the end result will be a yummy concoction with 150 calories per pint as opposed to just updating the calorie info (a girl can dream right?)

Check it out here!
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1 comment:

  1. I was not surprised when I heard about this... I used to eat a pint of Arctic Zero at night, and it always made me gain 1-2 the next day!! Also, the sugar count is pretty high per pint. I stick to homemade almond milk ice cream these days :)