Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beat the Bagel Bulge

When I was younger, one of the biggest treats for me was a bagel for breakfast with my mom. Growing up on Long Island, the bagels were pretty much unbeatable, and the spreads were equally delish. While whitefish salad was my fav, I also used to love a bagel scooped out, toasted with a LITTLE cream cheese and a LOT of tomato (I was healthy-ish in some respects from the start... though it was still a bagel...) A few days ago, I had this exact craving, and so I decided to go for it, but the Tiny Tummy way of course. I've already shared my love for Thin Slim bagels, so their 60 calorie, fiber and protein packed bagel made it an easy, healthy swap.

To make this tomato-loaded cream cheese bagel, you will need:
1 Thin Slim bagel (you can use whatever bagel you have on hand, but it may knock out the health-factor)
1 tablespoon fat free cream cheese (I added a pinch of onion powder to kick things up a notch)
lots and lots of sliced tomato

Pretty self explanatory, but to prepare, slice (and optionally toast) your bagel, spread on your cream cheese, layer your tomatoes, and DIG IN! Pin It

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