Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pina Kalelada

I always see Brad's Raw Kale chips in the health food stores, but at like 8 bucks a box, I can never convince myself to make the leap and buy them; however, when I came across a box of the coconut pineapple ones in Marshall's on sale, I decided it was clearly an invitation to try them, so I did!
I have to be honest. On first thought, the idea of pineapple and coconut on kale chips sounds a little strange, but surprisingly, it worked! It was an interesting, sweet flavor with a crunch to it. I'm not exactly sure what I would equate it to, but maybe if you pictured a crunchy version of a pina colada? Okay... maybe a bad example there, but I guess you'll just have to try them for yourself (if you're willing to splurge or able to find them discounted like I did, that is.) Pin It

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