Saturday, April 13, 2013

Popping the Question

After my recent DIY Microwave Popcorn recipe post, I received a question about whether I use white or yellow kernels to make said popcorn, and if there is a nutritional difference between the two. First of all, from what I know, there isn't much of a difference, nutritionally, between the two. The yellow kernels might be slightly lower in calories than the white, but there's really not enough of a difference to make me jump for the yellow. Even taste-wise, I don't taste much of the difference; the only real difference seems to be the size of the kernels. The white kernels are smaller than the yellow ones, but they all pop to be the same white popcorn we know and love. Bottom line: in my eyes, there's not enough of a difference to make me run to one over another, so get what you like/ what is cheapest. Pin It

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