Monday, April 29, 2013

Get Ready to Salsa

In response to last week's condiment post, in anticipation of the upcoming holiday of Cinco De Mayo, and because I ran out of my usual salsa and had to buy salsa in a pinch, I thought it was only fitting that I share a new salsa-find with you. Granted, it's not new to the market, just new to me-- no added sugar, no questionable ingredients, just plain, clean, (spicy!), salsa.

Desert Pepper's Salsa Diablo is Spicy with a capital S-- perfect for Tiny Tummy! And with such a clean ingredient list, it made a perfect salad dressing in my taco salad and a delicious guac mixed with some avocado. It's also pretty hard to overdo it with this guy because it's spicy! All around, a definite winner in my book. Pin It

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