Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beat the Breakfast Bloat

While I am not one to go out for breakfast, I know there are many people who do, and it is WAY too easy to order an unhealthy meal when almost all the options seem to be chocked full of sugar or empty carbs. Luckily, there is one breakfast option that is fairly healthy if prepared properly that most breakfast restaurants will serve- an egg white omelette! Egg whites are chocked full of protein, so at least it will be a filling meal, and if it comes with toast, opt for the whole wheat, in hopes of getting at least a little fiber in there (I would personally skip the toast altogether and pack myself a container of berries for some added fiber, but I recognize not everyone has that option.) Also, very important, ask your waiter to have the chef prepare your eggs with as little butter or oil as possible because sometimes chefs will literally slather that stuff on the grill to keep the egg whites from sticking, and it's generally unnecessary. As usual, it is bound to be healthier if you prepare your own omelette at home, but if you have to eat out, this is the best way to go. And don't forget to load up on the veggies! Onions, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, tomatos, etc. all make great additions to eggs and add some flavor to egg whites instead of the butter the chef may want to use to prepare it. And you can always sprinkle a little fresh pepper on it or dip your eggs in hot sauce! (If you haven't noticed, I love hot sauce on just about anything!) Pin It

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