Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dreamy Sashimi- Bringing Sashimi to your dinner table!

Sometimes I have cravings I just can't fight, and lately, I've been on a huge sushi kick! The other night, on my way home from work, I must have walked passed about 5 sushi restaurants before I decided I HAD to have it for dinner- I could practically taste the sashimi! I really didn't have time to sit and eat, and while I could have ordered in, I thought it would just be easier to pick up something up on the way. So, I stopped at my local Asian market (which makes beautiful sashimi platters and picked one up.)

Now, as much as I love sashimi, I don't find it filling on its own, so I decided to make myself a side of black rice, which I added mushrooms to and then seasoned with some spices and a little bit of low sodium soy sauce to give it that Japanese flare! Of course I cut some scallions to go with my fish, and while it's not pictured, I had some of my homemade spicy mayo with my sashimi! (Spicy Mayo= Walden Farms Mayo+Sriracha) Needless to say, a DELICIOUS dinner, and I felt like I was eating out! Pin It

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