Friday, June 22, 2012

Dreamy Creamy Milky Madness (New Product Alert!)

Growing up, I NEVER drank milk. It was always a struggle to get my calcium because the thought of drinking a glass of milk disgusted me. Even still, I will never go for a glass of milk, and I don't even drink milk in my coffee; however, some of my recipes will occasionally require milk, and while I used to use almond milk, I recently came across a new milk that's low cal, creamy, and perfect for recipes, or even to drink on its own (if you like milk that is!) And it's non-dairy for all you Vegan/non-dairy fans!
This Flax milk is only 25 calories per cup- a serious calorie bargain! I've only tried the unsweetened variety, but it added the perfect amount of creaminess to the recipes I used it in. I imagine it would be great in coffee or in a bowl of cereal as well! I mixed it with my Massamun Curry paste to rehydrate it, and it worked perfectly! The original and vanilla varieties are slightly more caloric, so unless you are drinking this stuff by the glass, there is probably no reason to add the extra calories, since the unsweetened one is creamy on its own! My only downside is that regular milk (or skim, lowfat, etc.) has a fair amount of protein, while flax milk does not. A 1 cup serving does give you 30% of the daily recommended amount of calcium though! So its a tradeoff, I guess! Pin It

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