Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wingin It!

Confession: Buffalo Wings have always been a weakness of mine. When I was little, I could put away an entire order of hot wings from Applebees, TGI Fridays, etc., and the spicier the better in my books! Having not eaten wings for a while, I really didn't miss them, but after seeing a few recipes for hot wings on Pinterest, the craving was established! Luckily, Frank's Buffalo Wing sauce, a cabinet-staple of mine, makes an excellent marinade for hot wings, and is basically calorie-free (less than 5 calories per serving!) Personally, I don't usually eat chicken wings, as it is one of the fattier parts of the chicken, and in my opinion, this chicken recipe totally kicks the wing craving, since the chicken is smothered in Frank's hot sauce and the broiler makes them crispy and delicious! So without further hesitation, here is my hot wing replacement recipe!

1 pack lean chicken tenders
Enough Frank's Red Hot Wings Buffalo Sauce to coat all the chicken
Enough dried Onion and Garlic flakes to create a crispy outer layer around your chicken

To prepare: Preheat your broiler, coat the chicken in the hot sauce, dip the chicken in the mix of garlic and onion flakes (you can add some red pepper flakes or garlic and onion powder if you want an extra kick of flavor), and cook in the broiler until the outside crisps up and the inside of the chicken is cooked through (shouldn't take longer than like 10-15 minutes!)

Seriously, it's THAT easy! And if you're REALLY craving the wings, indulge a little and go for wings instead of tenders. I totally get the whole appeal of the wings, but the tenders kick the craving for me, and they can be eaten with a fork (no more sticky fingers!)

Feelin' Frisky? Serve this chicken with some Walden Farms Ranch Dressing on the side and some cut up celery to cool down the kick! Pin It

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