Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crackin' Out the Fiber

Unbeknownst to me, since I was at school for the year, my boss got rid of the microwave at my job in order to save space. So, in packing lunch for myself, I've had to rely on meals that don't require any cooking whatsoever. Now, those of you who know me know I don't eat cold bread (a weird fun fact- I would rather eat soggy microwaved bread than cold bread- or just skip the bread altogether!), so when I pack my favorite Tofu Salad for lunch, I can't make it on a sandwich, and while it's delicious on its own, I know I need some extra fiber with it to keep me full- and that's where these crackers come in! Now, personally, I'm a huge fan of GG's bran crispbreads, but most people say they taste like cardboard. While I highly suggest you try them before you count them out (they have the most impressive stats of any cracker I know- 12 calories and 5g of fiber per crisp), this post is really dedicated to Fiber Gourmet's Half Calorie crackers.

These crackers come in pre-portioned bags, so even if you eat the entire 1oz serving, you're only eating 70 calories. And the best part?! They have 12g of fiber and 4g of protein per bag! And for those of you who still shy away from anything that tastes whole wheat-y or grainy, these will be PERFECT for you because they taste like regular, white crackers. The company also makes a plain variety and a cinnamon variety. I haven't tried those, since I've been so satisfied with the everything ones, but I can't imagine that the plain ones taste much different than the everything ones (just no sesame/ poppy seeds, etc.), and the cinnamon ones would probably be delicious as well! For those of you who crave an afternoon snack of some crackers and hummus, or like to enjoy cheese and crackers, these are a perfect low-cal, high-fiber option! I take them every day (in addition to my trusty GG bran crisps) with a container of my tofu salad for lunch, and it holds me over without fail from my lunch break to the end of my shift! I usually only need about 1/2 the bag and 2 GG crisps to keep me satisfied, but hey, eat the whole bag- they are totally guilt-free!

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