Friday, June 8, 2012

Speak Greek to Me

Around the block from my house, there is a Greek festival going on, and let's just say the music is loud enough that you can hear it in my bedroom. Fun at first, but a little annoying after a while!

Anyway, Greek Yogurt has been all the rage lately- and with good reason! If you choose the right one, Greek Yogurt can pack an impressive batch of protein, and when paired with some fresh berries, it's a great fiber-rich and protein-packed meal! When choosing a Greek Yogurt, always look for the Plain, strained yogurt- not the flavored ones which contain a lot of added sugars! To be traditional, Chobani, Okios, and Fage all make quality plain Greek yogurts- and in individually portioned cups to grab breakfast on the go. Depending on your calorie allotment, you can opt for the low fat or full fat varieties, but I stick to the non-fat options! If you're opting for low-fat, I've heard great things about Emmi Roth Swiss Yogurt, though I will say it doesn't pack the same source of protein that it's counterparts does.

Recently, I found a yogurt that not only packs an impressive batch of protein, but also has some added fiber! Our friends at Trader Joe's give us the best of both worlds with a Greek Yogurt that's protein-packed with added fiber, and it rocks! At only 80 calories per container, it's a great breakfast-on-the-go with some fruit, and if you're the type of person who likes something sweet in their yogurt, a little Walden Farms syrup or some straight honey or Agave are all great options!

Feelin' Frisky? For an even greater boost of fiber try our new friends- the Chia Seeds! They are virtually tasteless and a great replacement for the fattening granola that most people put in their yogurt! Pin It

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