Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grindin' Away

Spice grinders might be the best invention since sliced bread (I mean, you can slice your own loaf of bread pretty easily, but crushing the perfect blend of spices together is not that easy!) I'm not going to lie, I have an unhealthy obsession with the spice aisle, and spice blends in particular. I've tried my fair share of recipes for creating my own spice mixes, but let me tell you, sometimes, the grinder is necessary, and when the spices come already assembled in the grinder, I just couldn't think of anything more convenient! Anyway, you gotta love HomeGoods. They have the best gourmet spices (and coffees!), and while I've tried a bunch of different ones, this spice grinder, which I purchased at HomeGoods, has to be my ultimate favorite.

Dean Jacob's Chipotle seasoning is spicy, smokey, and just all around delicious. I grind this stuff on everything like it's going out of style! Seriously though- it's great on amost anything- meat, fish, veggies, eggs, deli meats, etc. (Maybe not ice cream, but I did say almost anything!) And it only takes a few twists to add an insane amount of flavor! If you want to buy this stuff, you can easily find it online, just search Dean Jacob's spice grinders. It is worth every penny! Pin It

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