Sunday, June 17, 2012

Livin' the Lobster Life

Usually, my family spends father's day lounging by the pool followed by a gigantic BBQ bonanza, but this year, we decided to change it up and go out for father's day dinner. My extended fam chose a Spanish restaurant, and I'll be honest, I love a good paella as much as the next person, but my tiny tummy does not! The nice thing about restaurants like this one though is they had tons of fish specials, and lucky for me, they happened to have a lobster special- (and for anyone who knows me, I LOVE a good lobster!) And the best part about lobster is it is extremely low cal, high protein, and prepared steamed- no sauce, no oil, no butter. Moral of the story? A steamed lobster is almost always a safe bet when eating out (and if you are able to find a special like I did it won't put as big of a hole in your wallet). And it came with a side of rice, fried potatoes, and steamed string beans (obviously, I opted to eat the string beans!)

Here's our 2.5 pound friend! I should have taken an after-photo because that plate was licked clean of every last bit- This Tiny Tummy doesn't mess around when it comes to a lobster!

And P.S.- for those of you who don't like lobster, any fish special prepared high and dry is an equally safe option- as long as the chef listens and prepares it without any oil or butter! Pin It

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